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Recirculation Pump

Laswim HLVSP Variable Speed Pump Electric Motor Flow Water Pump

LASWIM creatively combines the most advanced technology with the professionally designed hydraulic structure of the swimming pool pump to create a more usable, quieter, more intelligent, more efficient and less expensive variable speed pool pumps.



Pump housing; PP+ 35%GF

Filter basket: PP

Shaft: Ss316

Mechanical Seal: stationary face-SIC, rotating face-Graphite, seal bellows NBR, Spring- 316L

Impeller: PPO+ 30% GF

Diffuser: PPO+ 30% GF


Simple and fast operation

Comes with 4 pre-set most commonly used application scenarios.

0ne-button tap, directly to the desired function.

Stepless variable speed technology, 1000-2900 rpm can

be adjusted freely to meet various professional needs.



All operations can be completed via mobile APP.

Support centralized management of multiple devices, you can check the status of the water pump in real time, customize functions and the protection against accidental power failure.

Support OTA upgrade, support firmware update.



HLVSP pumps reduce operating noise, featuring an upgraded motor drive that delivers quieter high-speed operation.

Sound level 45dB in 1 meter at the speed of 1 400rpm.


Energy saving

HLVSP pumps reduce the energy by up to 90%, saving up to 12,61 4kWh(2hp pump runs in 365days).


High energy efficiency

High efficiency motor le4.

Ambient temperature: up to 45°C(113°F)

Insulation Class: F

IP55 waterproof standard.

Liquid temperature:5~50*C (41~122°F)

Maximum working pressure: 3.5bar

Technical parameters



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