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Basket strainer

Laswim SSPF Basket Filter Precision Filter Inline Basket Strainer Basket Strainers For Pumps Basket strainer

Basket strainer is used as pre-filter to remove hair, fiber and large suspended solids in water, to protect the pump and ensure the normal operation of the whole water treatment system.


Stainless steel body and filter basket, high strength and corrosion resistance, suitable for seawater environment.

Quick open design, convenient for cleaning and maintenance.

Standard flange connection for easy installation.

Clear lid with easy access allows for simple visibility of debris.

Customizable dimensions and features.

Operating principle

The strainer is equipped with a built in filter basket. When the raw water passes through, the solid impurity particles are blocked in the strainer and the clean water flows out. The bottom provided with a sewage outlet, the debris, hair, fibers and other big impurities could be drained from here, and the filter basket can be removed from inside for cleaning.

Tipo de entrada y salida altas

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