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Recirculation Pump

Laswim NISO/NIS/NISF Centrifugal Water Pump Electric Motor

The pumps are suitable for use in clean, thin, non corrosive, non flammable and explosive liquids that do not contain solid particles or fibers.

Applications: water supply systems, heating, air conditioning systems, pressurised water supply, constant pressure water supply, fire sprinkler systems, irrigation, livestock use, industrial refrigeration, heating circulation systems, industrial transport, discharge systems.


    Adopting back pull-out structure, no need to dismantle the pump body and pipeline during maintenance.

    The NISO pump model uses only four types of pump shaft and suspension body components, improving interchangeability of parts.

    The impeller is optimally designed with larger inlet and no vortex, which effectively reduces the pump's cavitation margin and makes the pump run smoothly and low-noise, with smoother performance curves, a wider range of flow rates, and a superior performance,

    G or Q series pumps of NIS are designed in full accordance with the latest GB/T5662 standard, the performance curve is steeper compared to NISO, NIS, NISF type performance curve, and the flow range is in line with the target requirements Adopting excellent hydraulic model and optimized CFD, to achieve high efficiency and reasonable head distribution.

    NIS, NISF pumps are small, compact and easy to install

    The material of the impeller, pump body, pump cover and other main parts of NIS - G or Q series pumps is cast iron. Special requirement can be customized.

Product parameter:

l  Max. flow rate: 1200m³/h

l  Max. head:160m

l  Max. working pressure: 16bar

l  Max. inlet pressure: 6bar

l  Max. power: 200kW

l  Medium temperature: -15℃~110℃

l  Water Inlet and outlet size: Water inlet: DN50-DN300.  Water outlet: DN32-DN250


Totally enclosed, fan-cooled motor, and its main dimensions meet the requirements of GB/T28575 standard.

50Hz, 3PH, with 2-pole and 4-pole as standard.


Pump structure:

l  The pump is non-self-priming, single stage, single suction horizontal type, with axial inlet and radial outlet The bottom of the pump body is fixed to the base.

l  Standard wear-resistant mechanical seals are used.

l  Totally enclosed, fan-cooled IEC standard motors.

l  NISO pumps adopt bearing carriers that allow for bearing positioning to avoid axial run out of the bearings, while increasing the rigidity of the rotor components.

l  NISO integral pump shaft adopts grease lubricated guide deep groove ball bearings.

l  NISO pump is connected to the motor by a semi-elastic coupling.

l  The shape and mounting dimensions of NISO pump are in accordance with IS02858.

l  NIS and NISF pumps are constructed with a direct connection type coupling extended shaft.

l  The inlet and outlet flanges of cast iron pump body are in accordance with GB/T17241.6 (S07005-2) standard, pressure level is PN16. The inlet and outlet flanges of stainless steel pump body are in accordance with GB/T9113 (IS07005-1) standard, pressure level is PN16.


Operating conditions:

l  The pumps are designed for installation in non-corrosive and non-explosive environments with a relative humidity not exceeding 95%.

l  Ambient humidity and altitude

l  Ambient humidity and the altitude at which it is installed are important factors in the life of the motor, as they affect the life of the bearings and insulation system.

l  The installation altitude is the height above sea level of the installation location. If the ambient temperature exceeds the recommended max. ambient temperature or the installation height exceeds the recommended max. altitude, the motor must not be used for full load operation due to low density and poor air cooling In this case, a motor with a higher output power needs to be selected.

Technical parameters



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