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About Us

Guangdong LASWIM Water Environment Equipment Co., Ltd, established in 1989, is a leading enterprise in the aquarium and aquaculture industry in China. LASWIM is dedicated to establishing an intelligent ecosystem for the water environment. Based on digital technology and with customer needs as the core, it realizes intelligent management of water environment equipment, and is committed to building an eco-friendly and sustainable water environment for customers.

With over 34 years continuous development and innovation, LASWIM is able to supply a variety of equipment for public aquarium and land-based recirculating aquaculture, including: protein skimmers, rotary drum filters, fluidized sand-bed biofilters, sand filters, pumps, sterilized equipment, heat pumps, etc. 

We have passed the ISO 9001: 2015 certification. Many of our products have been certified by CE, TUV, SAA and KETI. We can also provide customized product certificates upon customer’s request.

Our production site covers more than 90,000 m2 in three cities, Zhongshan, Guangzhou and Taishan. Laswim is configured with an experience center, testing center, professional laboratory and showroom. The products are designed by technical experts based on safety, reliability and efficiency. We have focused our efforts in upgrading existing products with the latest studies and technologies. Before officially launching to the market, our products are tested on multiple fronts in our factory's experimental labs to ensure the quality and performance.

LASWIM aims to achieve "Make water environment sustainable " and regards all customers and users as close partners. We work closely with our partners to build a smarter ecosystem for water usage, and we invite you to become a part of this trend.

Corporate Culture

Corporate vision: To be the most competitive company in the industry

Corporate Mission: Provide a healthy & comfortable aqueous environment

Core value: Improvement, win-win

Business philosophy: Integrity, specialty, quality, service

Employment ideality

Employment principle: Moral & respect, awareness of staff

Talent standard: Teamwork, specialty, dedication, innovation

Service concept: Enable customers and users convenience and comfort

Slogan: Leader of aqueous environment


Pump CE(LVD) Certificate - 380V

Pump CE(LVD) Certificate - 220V

Pump CE(EMC) Certificate - 380V

Pump CE(EMC) Certificate - 220V

Pump CE certificate

WTF23F06140823E Variable Speed Pump CE (VOC) certificate

WTF23F04085010J Variable Speed Pump CE (LVD) certificate

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LASWIM trademark

LASIWM trademark

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