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Drum filter

Laswim RFF/RFM/RFI Rotary Drum Filter Land Based Salmon Farming Drum Screen Filter

Rotary drum filter is an outstanding and environmental friendly filtration equipment in recirculating aquaculture. Untreated water is gravity fed to the inside of the drum which has fine screens mounted to its periphery. The water flows through the screens while the solids are trapped by the filter screens, the filtered water flows out of the filter by gravity.

The drum filter is a static filtration system. As the accumulation of solids in the filter screens reduces the filtration efficiency and causes the water level in the drum rise, backwash will be triggered, the solids trapped on the filter screens is flushed into the waste tray and pushed out.


International top design and configuration, low power consumption and minimal maintenance.


Modular filter panels, for easy installation and replacement.


When the water level rises due to excessive pollution, automatic backwash is triggered to save energy and reduce consumption.


Use high-pressure backwash (0.6MPA) and low flow nozzle(0.8LPM), saves water and has a significant backwash effect.


Under effective filtration, an average of 1 minute of backwashing is started every 10 minutes (adjustable subject to TSS level of water).


Superior to traditional sand filter, effective filtrationup to 21 microns (700 mesh).


Full 6063 aluminum alloy drum structure, with SS 304 or 31 6 frame.


●Primary and secondary filtration for sewage and water treatment.

●Circulating water treatment or source water treatment in aquaculture.

●Municipal sewage treating system.

Static rotary drum filter

●Energy saving: Start backwashing only when the water level inside the drum rises due to excessive dirt.

●Water saving; The filter mesh is backwashed with high pressure (0.6MPa/600kpa) and low flow nozle of 0.8LPM.

●Under effective filtration, an average of 1 minute of backwashing is started every 10 minutes.

Technical parameters



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