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How to deal with the protein in the aquarium water?

24 Sep, 2021   Hits: 1226

Darkness, high pressure, coldness... Someone once asserted that the deep seabed, which is several kilometers deep, is a forbidden zone for life. However, as my country's deep-sea investigations continue to deepen, this once forbidden zone of life began to gradually appear in front of the world.


Marine life has been gradually discovered, and life support system suitable for marine life and aquarium has been developed. It uses modern aquarium technology to imitate the natural environment and create an artificial water environment for cultured organisms. Through the life support system, the water is purified, disinfected and kept at a constant temperature, so as to create a suitable water environment, eliminate substances and bacteria derived from aquatic organisms.

What substances does the aquarium water contain? 

Aquarium is a place for raising and displaying marine life. It is an ecosystem for raising and displaying aquatic organisms for the purpose of popular science education, scientific research, reproductive protection, entertainment and leisure. There are not only acid salts, nitrates, ammonia nitrogen, heavy metals, but also residual bait, microbial bodies, secretions, excreta, proteins, etc.

If the protein in the water body is not removed in time and accumulated too much, it will cause the water to appear milky white or yellow, even after decomposition, it will seriously corrupt the water quality and produce toxic substances. To this end, LASWIM has developed non-clogging and highly efficient protein skimmer, which is an important equipment used in aquarium life support system (LSS), High-density recirculating aquaculturesystem (RAS).

What is protein skimmer?

Protein skimmer is also called foam fractionator. The main body of the protein skimmer is a reaction chamber.It utilizes gas tension to adsorb small particles suspended solids in water to improve the water quality. At the same time, protein fractionation lowers bacteria and pathogen concentrations, while saturating the water with oxygen. The normal operation of protein skimmer plays an important role in reducing the load imposed on bio-filtration system.

How does protein skimmer work?

The process is carried out inside of a protein skimmer or foam fractionator by injecting air, in the form of tiny bubbles, through a column of water creating an air to water interface. In general, the smaller the bubbles the more effective the protein skimming or foam fractionation process is. This is because smaller bubbles have more surface area while occupying the same volume of water as larger bubbles. This mixture of air and water is injected towards the bottom of the protein skimmer or foam fractionator and allowed to travel up through the incoming organic laden water. Due to the natural charges of these organic molecules, they are either repelled or attracted to the air/water interface. These molecules can be described as hydrophobic. Large numbers of small bubbles present an enormous air/water interface for molecules to collect on the bubble surface (the air/water interface). This process continues until the bubbles increase near the top of the water column inside the protein skimmer or foam fractionator, they become denser and the water begins to drain and create the foam that will carry the organic matters to the waste collection cup and the organic molecules will be exported from the water.


Why use a protein skimmer or foam fractionator?

Adding a protein skimmer or foam fractionator has many benefits. Most systems that work with a protein skimmer or foam fractionatorare on a closed filtration loop with either little or no introduction of new water. With the exception of normal water changes there is very little waste removal. Overtime residual foods, fish waste, and other dissolved organics can build up to dangerous levels. Protein skimmer or foam fractionator can remove the waste before it is able to reach dangerous levels. This will help decrease the number of water changes needed in the system. The protein skimming or foam fractionation process will also increases water clarity and dissolved oxygen concentration. Consequently, appetite, stocking densities, feed and growth rates are all enhanced and animal health improved.


Used within aquaculture, animal rehabilitation, live seafood holding as well as public aquariums worldwide, protein skimmer or foam fractionator are an essential component within any aquatic life support system.