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OCT Fantasy Valley "Deep Sea Exploration" | China's first innovative sightseeing submarine aquarium

01 Dec, 2022   Hits: 821

Xiangyang OCT Fantasy Valley is the latest generation of OCT theme park, with a total investment of 4 billion RMB and an area of about 450,000 square meters. The resort creates the "one -stop" space exploration style theme park with international amusement equipment, immersive technology venues, wildlife theme area, and marine animal world. Among of them, the "Deep-Sea Exploration, Dragon Tour" theme ocean world is created by Laswim.

Through the practice of innovative engineering technology, Laswim allows tourists to experience a shocking undersea travel in the "Deep Sea Exploration, Dragon Tour" theme ocean world in Xiangyang OCT Fantasy Valley.

In order to better meet people's exploration and curiosity of the ocean through various forms such as ornamental, entertainment, immersive interaction, and marine popularization, at the beginning of its design, the aquarium incorporates the current most popular display methods and interactive experiences.

The Dragon Tour Innovative Sightseeing Submarine bring the tourists gently into the quiet and beautiful ocean world, dive into the water, and watch countless beautiful marine life swimming freely at zero distance.

The super large-size exhibition tank provides myriad of possibilities for the beautiful mermaid show, playing closely with the fish, bringing a different experience for tourists and get along with the harmony of people and marine life.

There are many shallow sea creatures inhabit in the touch pool, allowing tourists to get close contact with animals.

The sea lions swim around in the water freely. They float on the surface of the performance pool from time to time and jump up. Their wonderful performance won the love and applause of the tourists.

Various types of fish tanks display the most typical and representative ornamental fish on the earth, leading tourists to explore more mysteries of the sea and meet their curiosity.

Guangdong Laswim Water Environment Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 1989, has participated in the creation of a number of large-scale public aquarium, commercial aquarium, aquaculture and other water environment engineering projects. Laswim has the overall solution of planning, design, product manufacturing and supply, as well as the installation and commission of the equipment. We are committed to becoming a manufacturer with comprehensive strength in the industry.