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Introduction of Aquarium Life Support System

07 Sep, 2021   Hits: 1139

Aquarium, also known as the ocean world, the mysterious and peculiar ocean world includes many landscapes such as the Beluga Aquarium, Shark Aquarium, Coral Reef Fish Aquarium, Undersea Sightseeing Tunnel, etc. The romantic aquarium, as a tourist attraction, integrates tourism, science and education, is an important channel for children's education and adults to understand the ocean, and provides a good way for people to understand the ocean.


In the aquarium pool, there are many organic matters, which come from the decomposed feces and residues of the marine animals. Excessive accumulation of metabolites and residual bait of the aquarium animals will decompose to produce ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide and other toxic and harmful substances exceeding the standard, destroy the ecological balance of the aquarium water, and endanger the aquarium animals. Therefore, the life support system is extremely important.


The hazards of poor water quality in aquarium

Anoxia of pool water: the bottom of the pool contains a large amount of organic matter. The organic matter is oxidized and decomposed by bacteria, which consumes a large amount of oxygen. As a result, the small amount of oxygen in the lower water of the pool is exhausted, resulting in the anoxia of marine animals.


Increase of toxic substances: sundries at the bottom of the pool, residual bait and marine animal excreta decompose to produce ammonia, nitrite and hydrogen sulfide, which makes marine animals in an unstable state, reduce appetite, weaken resistance and increase bait coefficient. When the concentration exceeds the standard, it will lead to poisoning and death of marine animals.


Increase of harmful bacteria: when the water quality deteriorates, harmful bacteria will multiply in large numbers. When the number of harmful bacteria in the pool water reaches a certain amount, it is very easy to cause marine animals to get sick and, in serious cases, cause a large number of marine animals to die.

Main equipment of aquarium

Circulating pump

 Sand filter

 Ozone gernerator

 Protein skimmer


 UV sterilizer

 Constant temperature equipment

Key points of aquarium design (life support system)

1. For the space designing of the aquarium building, it is necessary to determine the different floor height changes in each area according to the physical function requirements such as temperature, humidity and ventilation of the aquarium. In order to ensure the sunshine time of marine animals, it is also necessary to reasonably set the open daylighting of the roof, which needs to consider the balance and the treatment of indoor temperature and humidity.


2. The location of the animal hospital is very important in the aquarium. It is not only necessary to keep the aquarium isolated, but also convenient and fast. Therefore, an underground passage must be set up between the three areas of animal display, performance, maintenance and medical treatment to reasonably design and configure the circulation, elevation and water quality of the water in the passage.


3. According to the living habits of various marine animals, there are great differences in water distribution, cleanliness, depth, pH value and composition of various ornamental water, which puts forward high requirements for the life support system of the aquarium.


4. There are various pools on the ground floor of the aquarium, including performance pool, conservation pool, water storage pool, whale pool, etc. The cleanliness, temperature, depth and composition (seawater or fresh water) required by each part of the water vary greatly, requiring a huge water treatment and electrical system.